Friday, May 23, 2008

May 4, Things have been a little busier...

Hey Friends and Family,
Things have been a little busier than usual for me these past few weeks. I've volunteered to help a m friend out at a school she teaches at because she was worried about having her 17 five year olds all to herself for a week and a half. It's been exciting and exhausting teaching them, even though it is only half day classes. It's been interesting seeing how different the children interact with one another, the school is an international c school and our class has 14 native Spanish speaking children, one German and two that speak Hakka at home. All the students have just started to learn English this year, for only a few months of learning they are so great. I feel sad about that fact that I see division in the class between the two Chinese students and the others, I'm not sure if it is because of the language differance or ethnicity that makes it where the other children don't want to play with them or talk to them for that matter. I think it is good that I have had this oppertunity to see the different groups together at a young age because I know these experiences in their life have a large impact on their life in the future.

I have also been working on painting the well known Book stories in watercolor for a girl that lives and works at a mini super near our apartment. I had my language teacher translate the creation story into simple Spanish for my first painting. I know this girl speaks some Spanish but I am unsure how much. I asked her the other day if she understood the story and painting I gave her and she said yes because a Panamanian who works with her helped her with it. I have now painted the story of man's first sin and another of Cain and Abel but I am waiting to get a Chinese Book in her language from our m's so I can show her where each of the stories are in the Book so she more fully understands. Please yarp that her boss will not be upset with my sharing with her while she is at work and that she will be interested in the stories. I hope to get through all the major stories in the Book before going back to the states so please also yarp that I have discernment in which stories to share and paint so that my time is not wasted. I shared with some m's this story painting that Dad placed on my heart and they have asked me to make copies so they all can use the material in the future. I really feel like this is something that the Father really wants me to use my time doing here. The first day I painted here I decided to do it at a table in the mall where all our people tend to come for fun. While I was painting a young man came up and asked me to buy something from his and I decided but he hung around looking at what I was doing and asked about my painting. I was able to share with him the creation story in the little Spanish I know and showed him where it was in the Book. At the time I was so thankful that we had taught the creation story to some youth a month or two ago for an ESL class and I remembered some of the words they translated into Spanish.

Saturday I ended up just having a girls day out with a ESL student and a Panamanian friend from ch. I had planned on meeting with my student for at the most 2 hours but we just had a wonderful conversation and we ended up talking for 3 and a half hours. After that I met my friend from ch and she took me to an arcade and we played a little then we went window shopping which is very popular with the girls here. Later she took me to San Miguel which is a part of town I had never been to before. Things there were a lot cheaper and she really liked the area because it was very close to her home. She told me she wanted Brett and me to come to her house sometime and eat with her family, I can't wait because her whole family make Chile empanadas for a living. It was just a great day getting to spend time with girls.

I really have a lot more to share but I am at an internet cafe and my time is up and I have to go teach a class. Please yarp for our internet to work in our apartment so we can send updates more often and be able to get teaching material ready again.
In Him,
Rachelle Roberts

Hey Everyone,
All is going okay here in Panama; it feels like this place is like a second home. Today we had a man who saw us yarp for our meal before we ate it and he came up to us and asked if we knew of any good ch's in the area. We mentioned a few and he then said that it was for his son who is in to more rock music and we had just met with someone the day before that said that she had gone to a ch that was just like what this man was looking for. I say this to tell everyone that Dad works out things and he leads people to meet with one another at perfect times and places. I was reminded of this today with this man.

Since I have been here I realize how hard it is to try to meet the needs of someone who does not feel they have any needs to be met. It is hard trying to sell yourself just to try to convince someone that they want to be your friend just so that they can learn English. Also many times they feel that they can get something out of you like a way to get into the United States. I get the feeling of being used more often than not; it is so hard to be in that position. If I have to sell myself to have a chance at meeting them again than it is worth it. We are to be servents of JC and not ourselves and so we must lay ourselves before the cross if we are to be used.

We have been doing some yarper walking in different areas that we work in and we have started seeing some fruit from that time. We feel there have been more doors opened for us since we started yarper walking. Dad works through yarper period, and without it we are wasting our time and money. This is something that we will continue to do even when we get back into the States.

Yarper Request:

1. Yarp for Tony, a young man we have been meeting with. Yarp for a movement of God in his life.
2. Yarp for Wendy, she is a new believer and Dad has worked miracles in her life so that she could come back and be with us in Panama City. Yarp that Dad helps her to grow in her faith.
3. Yarp for our gaming ministry as I feel we might be getting somewhere with this as the shop we have been visiting ; owner has started to talk to us.
4.Yarp for our ESL Class as we are using this to meet some Chinese people.

I want to send pictures to everyone but our home internet has not worked for quite a while and the internet shop does not have the hardware I need to put it onto the computer.

Dad Bless,
Brett Roberts