Friday, May 23, 2008

May 21, Things have been going very well...

The pictures are: The first watercolor I painted for CiCi (this is a painting of the creation story), a picture of me and the students I helped teach for a week and a half at a local international school, and a picture of me and Theresa (YWAM Norway) in Santa Clara

Dear friends and family,
Things have been going very well for me lately. One of the girls that I had a great conversation with at the Chinese New Year retreat has moved back into the area and started taking English classes with Brett and me. I have also started to meet with her on my own for more English conversation. This week I will start doing some discipleship with her during that time. Please yarp that she will have a desire to learn more about faith in the Father. She has become a believer since we have been here but she does not attend a ch. My yarper is that my time spent with her would lead her into a deeper walk with Dad. She has shared with me a lot about the Chinese wedding practices; it differs greatly from the traditional wedding in the United States. A few of the things I found most interesting about the wedding ceremony is that the bride will end up wearing three different dresses -each a different color red, pink, and white. Also part of the ceremony is the groom must pay the bridesmaids before they will let him marry the bride, after that point the couple goes to the groom’s home to yarp to their deceased ancestors. I come from a culture where yarping to ancestors never enters my mind, because of this, I think this is a very intriguing practice, but I understand that these people live in constant fear of their ancestors so they do many things to try to appease the spirits. I hope to talk to the girl I have been meeting

with more about yarping to ancestors and about how in JC we no longer have to fear such things. I know for her it is not so simple but yarp that the Fatherwill give me the words to share, sensitivity to hear, and openness on her end.

Last week we spent a couple of days in Santa Clara with a team with Youth with a Mission from Norway and Estonia. It was great getting to be around them once again and getting to say a final farewell before they left for home. They were a group of youth who went on many different yarper walks with us in the city yarping over the Chinese.

The other day I received a call from one of my students, she told me she had been fired from her job and wanted to meet with me. I felt very honored that she felt comfortable calling me to talk about her job situation. She ended up asking me about things she might need to do to get a good job and keep one for a long period of time as this has been a struggle for her recently. I tried to encourage her the best I could but I have confidence she will be successful in finding another job because her knack for learning languages is so good. Many of the businesses in Panama desire their employees to speak many languages especially in the Free Zone in Colon where many of the large companies are headquartered.

This past weekend I asked one of my students if she would be willing to teach me how to cook some Chinese dishes so that I would know how to cook for my family and friends when I return to the United States. She wasn’t very confident in her cooking ability but she said if some of the other students came to help that would be great. So all in all I think we are going to have 12-15 people in our little apartment this Sunday cooking up a storm. I always enjoy the get-to-gethers with the students because they talk a lot more and there is always lots of food and games. Please yarp that everyone finds our place safely as none of them have been there before.
Lastly please continue to yarp for the paintings that I have been doing as I have been a little discouraged with them this past week because of the complexity of some of the stories. I really feel that the young lady I am sharing these with has an open heart, so continue to yarp that she will have patience with me as I try to communicate with her.

In Him,
Rachelle Roberts

Hey Everyone, This past weekend we had a blessing happen to us one of our friends was baptised in ch. His family lives in China so he lives here on his own and spends his little bit of free time studying Spanish and English. He has been going back and forth about whether he wants to make the commitment to follow our father and the past week he said that this is what he wanted. This is an amazing thing because many times it can take up to thirteen years to see a person come to know the father. Please be in yarper for him as he has made this commitment in his life. Yarp that money would not be his priority in life but that he would desire things of the Father.

Last week we spent a few days at the beach house with YWAM students from Norway and Estonia. It was really nice to leave the big city and to just have a little bit of fun at the beach. Last night we handed out a JC Film to a lady at the internet shop that we have been visiting frequently. Yarp that she and her children will watch the film and that it will have some of impact on the life of the people in the internet shop. Today we went accross the canal to another city called Arajahan to try to find some of our Chinese students that live there. We had no clue where to start looking for them because the business area is very large, so we didn't really think that we would find the store they work in but wanted to give it a try. Dad really blessed us because it was one of the first stores we came across. We invited them to an event that we are having this next Sunday in our apartament. We are having many Chinese students over to teach us how to cook Chinese food and to play games. Please be in yarper for us as we are hosting this event. Praise the Father that we were able to find students we were looking for.

I have been going into many stores in the New China town to yarper walk for the people in the stores. I have been noticing a common thing in all the stores, they all sell incense and fireworks. At first I thought it was for the different celebrations that they have throughout the year, but after a while I saw that they are not for the celebrations but for the god shelves that are in many of the stores. Many of the owers of the businesses offer up incense to their own personal god shelves to keep away the evil spirits from their business. Please be in yarper for these business owners as they are driven by money and living in fear of many evil spirits.

Thank you for your thoughts and yarper for us.

Dad Bless,